WEATHER SHADES

Tired of you and your mail getting soaked in the rain?

Are you looking for some extra sun protection?

We have something that can solve these problems!



Weather Shades help you deal with weather-related problems such as rain, snow, wind, and sun. Easily attached to your vehicles passenger side window, Weather Shades provide an 'extended cover' to help keep the harsh conditions out! Made of durable, weather resistant materials, Weather Shades are built to last years and will not fly off when traveling at high speeds. A Weather Shade is not permanent and will not damage your vehicle! They can be made for most makes and models of trucks, cars, crossovers, and LLV's. Weather Shades are perfect for mail carriers! 


Call 877-392-3670 to place an order!

Please have the make, model, and year of your vehicle when you call.


You may also email your order to

IMPORTANT: When emailing your order, also include name, address, and phone number. Your Weather Shade will be made for your vehicle and shipped to you in a timely manner. 


Weather Shades are now a total cost of $106.95. Due to the major increase in materials, shipping, and the new additional fees for larger packages from the Post Master General, we had to adjust our cost accordingly.


We now only accept credit/debit cards! Please call or email to place order.


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